The primary objective of the association is to provide a platform for advancing scientific and technical knowledge and skill in the field of radiation protection through education research and the compilation and dissemination of relevant information to the members. It is also hope that the Association act as a catalyst whereby national and international contacts and cooperation may be promoted among those engaged in radiation protection work, which includes relevant aspects of such branches of knowledge as science, medicine, engineering, technology and law. Hopefully, the efforts provide for the protection of man and his environment from the hazards caused by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and thereby the exploitation of radiation and nuclear energy for the benefit of mankind.

The activities of the Association are those appropriate to the accomplishment of its primary objective, namely to:

i.  To support national and international corporation and networking in radiation protection.

ii.  Encourage research and educational opportunities in those scientific and related disciplines which support radiation protection.

iii. Encourage national and international publications dedicated to radiation protection.

iv. Encourage the establishment and continuous review of universally acceptable radiation protection standards or recommendations through the    international bodies concerned and

v.  Undertake any other matters appropriate to the Association