MARPA ingin mempelawa ahli-ahli MARPA yang berumur bawah 35 tahun dan memenuhi kriteria pencalonan IRPA16 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD IN RADIATION PROTECTION 2024 seperti di bawah untuk mengemukakan pencalonan kepada Setiausaha MARPA melalui emel dengan menghantar CV selewat-lewatnya 11 Januari 2024 (Khamis).
Calon perlu membentangkan kertas kerja di 16th International Congress of the IRPA (IRPA16) yang akan berlangsung pada 7-12 Julai 2024 di Orlando, Amerika Syarikat dan segala perbelanjaan adalah di bawah tanggungjawab and ikhtiar sendiri (MARPA akan mempertimbangkan sedikit tajaan bagi menampung perbelanjaan tersebut).
Terima kasih.


Purpose of the Award
The uses of radiation require the education and training of qualified scientists and professionals in the field of radiation protection and safety to ensure high competences in this field. The purpose of this award is therefore to promote the undertaking of investigation effort by young scientists and professionals working in radiation protection in all its fields of competence. This award is created as a prize for work done by young scientists and professionals, to help promote the interest and expertise of the new generations in the field of radiation protection in the different Regions, rewarding dedication and excellence. It also aims to encourage youth participation in the activities of the Associate Societies of Radiation Protection around the world, consistent with the objectives of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). An award candidate will present the work in an oral form during a regular parallel session of IRPA 16.

To qualify for this distinction young scientists and professionals (first responders, occupational health physicians, radiation protection officers and experts, medical physics experts, regulators and industry professionals, researchers in the field) are required to:

a) be below 35 years of age and have less than 10 years of experience in their regular research, academic or other scientific activities.
b) be officially nominated for the award by an IRPA Associate Society. A Society can nominate only one candidate.
c) submit an abstract for an oral presentation to IRPA 16 together with a letter of recommendation by the society, a CV and a 1 min video recording summarizing the main aspects of his/her presentation. “The application files excluding the 1 min video should be sent by mail to, cc to and
The 1 min video file of max 10 MB should be uploaded via a form that can be found here (
The form requires logging in with the Google account. Those applicants who do not have a Google account or whose 1 min video recording file exceeds 10 MB should state this in the mail. Andrzej Wojcik will send them an individual upload link without the restrictions”.
NEW DEADLINE: Friday January 19, 2024.
d) This will be previewed by the award committee, but it will not replace the full presentation at the congress; the full paper must be received at least one month before the start of the conference.
e) if the work has more than one author, confirm in a written statement that the other authors agree the main author to be the candidate for the award.
f) ensure in-person participate in IRPA 16 is possible. The candidate’s Associate Society should normally ensure that the applicant can participate, where necessary by providing financial support. In case the candidate cannot assure his/her participation due to financial constraints, he/she will be able to apply for any of the scholarships that sponsoring organizations are able to grant.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. Any doubt about the interpretation of these rules will be resolved by the IRPA 16 Organising Committee.

The IRPA 16 organising committee appoints an Award Jury that is chaired by Andrzej Wojcik, Stockholm University, and member of the IRPA16 ICPC (e-mail: The composition of the Award Jury will be announced on the IRPA 16 website. The Jury will evaluate the submitted documents and the oral presentations taking account of the quality of the underpinning work, its value to radiation protection, the quality of the written paper and the quality of the oral presentation.

Three awards (First, Second and Third prize) will be presented to the selected young scientists and professionals. The awards will be announced and presented in the Closing Ceremony of IRPA 16. Dear IRPA Associate Society Presidents and colleagues.

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