Persatuan Perlindungan Sinaran Malaysia (Malaysian Radiation Protection Association) MARPA is a non-governmental organization that was established on 15 September 2002. It represents a pool of professionals of highest skill in radiation protection and safety.

MARPA can be considered a national asset and a resource for experts and specialists in radiation protection and safety.

MARPA aiming at advancing scientific and technical knowledge and skill in the field of radiation through education, research and the compilation and dissemination of relevant information useful to members and beneficial to the general public.

The establishment of MARPA also is intentionally to establish linkage with other technical, safety and scientific organization in dissemination and exchange of information in enhancing the promotion of the advancement and recognition of radiation safety practice in Malaysia.

The idea to form MARPA was first muted in the Second RPO Conferences back in 1997. Since then a protem committee has formed to materialise this idea. Discussions were held from year to year to garner support of the would-be members. 

Eventually, on 19 Jun 2002, the registration of MARPA was successfully approved by the Department of Registrar and at the Fifth RPO Conferences held in Kuching on 15 September 2002, the first AGM of MARPA was carried out and the First Members of the Council/Board were elected.

In 2006, the International Radiation Protection Association(IRPA) has agreed to admit the MARPA  as their  associate societies. MARPA also has been accepted as the member of the Asian and Oceanic Association of Radiation Protection (AOARP).


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